5 Ways to Prepare Your Groom for an Engagement Session

Five Ways to Prepare Your Groom for an Engagement Session

Today I’m sharing some tips for preparing your groom for your engagement session! The engagement session is important for a number of reasons. It’s the best way for you two and your wedding photographer to get to know each other, it builds confidence before the big day and your journey into marriage deserves to be documented! Many grooms aren’t as excited as their brides are to take pictures so managing his expectations is key to a successful engagement session. Read below for five ways to prepare your groom for an engagement session! (I originally shared this advice on Hearts Contents Events blog!)

Five Ways to Prepare Your Groom for an Engagement Session

Here are some tips to prep your groom for the engagement session:

1. Be patient with him

This is an obvious tip that bears repeating. Please…be patient, kind and respectful of his feelings during this process. He’s most likely not looking at wedding blogs, Pinterest or other forms of inspiration like you are and probably has no idea what to expect haha! Which leads me to tip #2!

2. Give him some brief details

Give him enough notice about when and where the session will be, how long it will last (usually an hour) and what kind of posing you’ll be doing. Show him a few blog posts from your photographer so he won’t be surprised when he’s asked to ‘nuzzle’ or look at you and laugh! Also, notice I said to give him brief details! Try not to overwhelm him.

3. Get him involved in prepping your outfits

This totally depends on your relationship! Do you two like shopping together and/or coordinating outfits? If so, make it a fun day of choosing your outfits! If he’s not interested in being too hands-on, getting him ‘involved’ just means asking his opinion on style, colors, etc. Either way, make sure he’s dressed in something he feels comfortable and confident in. Bonus tip: You don’t need to be ‘matchy-matchy’ but try to choose outfits and accessories that coordinate. Want more tips? Check out this blog: What to Wear for Your Engagement Photos

4. Be on time

Running late for something can usually result in an argument (at least it does for us haha). No one likes to feel rushed and stress levels can increase. Can you imagine going through this before you two are photographed to celebrate an exciting time? If you’re getting your hair and makeup done, be sure you’ve given yourself enough time before the session. OH and don’t forget to check traffic! It’s better to be a little early than late.

5. Plan a date night after

You’re all dressed up, in a flirty mood and the night is still young. Go out to a nice dinner after or fun activity. Going into an engagement session knowing you have fun plans after will also lift his spirits!

I hope these tips are helpful in preparing your groom for your engagement session! This is such an EXCITING time so the session should be a fun and easygoing experience!

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