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Treat Yo’ Self

Treat Yo' Self by Angie McPherson Photography

Photo by Sharon Elizabeth Photography

Yep that’s me, treating myself to a mint ice cream cone during a headshot session and LOVING it. Why? Because sometimes you have to TREAT YO’ SELF. Have you seen that episode of Parks and Recreation? If not, I’ve included the video at the bottom of this post. It’s hilarious and down right true. We need to dedicate a day to treat ourselves since we spend most of our lives serving others in some way (children, spouse, clients, co-workers, family, etc). Friends, you can’t pour from an empty cup. You need to take care of YOU. You deserve it! When is the last time you did something completely for yourself? Let this post be a reminder and an encourager to schedule some ‘me time’ and soon.

Here are some ideas of how you can Treat Yo’ Self! Bonus points if you can make it a whole day!

Get your hair done (maybe a new style!)
Venture to Target ALONE with Starbucks in hand
Go shopping (again, ALONE or with your girls. Leave those cute kids at home)
Date Night
Girls Night Out
Binge watch on Netflix or catch up on your DVR (I have way too many Law & Order SVU episodes on deck)
See the newest movie (preferably at a theater with leather reclining chairs and good food)
Take a cooking class or other fun workshop
Go on a weekend getaway with your boo
Go on a WORKCATION (takes a bit more planning and a bit more money but so worth it)
Take a nice long walk with your fave music
Get your hair & makeup done get headshots taken
Book a couples portrait session with your sweetie and go to dinner after (because you probably don’t have any recent pictures together and it’s fun, duh!)
Stay home in your yoga pants all day and just relax

I hope you take the time for yourself and SOON! Treat yourself as well as you treat others and I promise it’ll be SO worth it. Here’s the ‘Treat Yo’ Self’ video I was talking about hahahaha! Let me know what you plan to do!

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