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Oh these sweet souls!! Elizabeth, Heidi and Holly are my people. They are my business besties, encouragers, accountability partners, voices of reason, big dreamers, masterminds, motivators, jokesters… they are my wolfpack. We’ve been joined at the hip for about a year & a half and I cannot imagine where I’d be without these ladies! I can’t even imagine where my […]

I’m bacckkkkkkk!! And doesn’t it look different around here on the blog? 🙂 I took last week off from blogging because I attended the GoLive Workshop in California with my sweet friends Elizabeth Henson & Crystal Belcher! The workshop helps you to build, design and launch a website in 2 days flat! I have a full workshop […]

Beauty & brains, this one!! Laura is a driven go-getter and I’m so honored she asked me to take her headshots! We met many years ago through a networking event, ended up working as colleagues in different companies and then literally worked right next to each other in the same company haha! Funny how life works, […]

I’m so excited to get my sister Melanie on the blog today!! Melanie came home for Easter a few weeks ago and I took some updated headshots of her 🙂 Isn’t she GORGEOUS?! Her outward beauty is matched by her inward beauty. She is thoughtful, caring, supportive, driven and adventurous. She is also super smart (she watches […]

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