Tips for capturing branding photos while traveling | For Entrepreneurs

Tips for capturing branding photos while traveling

Tips for capturing branding photos while traveling | Angie McPherson Photography

I’m coming at you with some fun branding photography tips! As a personal branding photographer, whenever I travel, I strive to take a few lifestyle photos in the area where I’m visiting. I do this for a few reasons:

  • I LOVE traveling and it is a part of my brand! So I want to document photos to align with future content (social media posts, blogs, email, etc.)!
  • I want to travel more for work, so it shows potential clients that I’m only a flight away 🙂
  • It brings more variety to my brand and social media feeds and creates momentum for my business while I’m out of the office. 

So here are 5 quick tips for capturing branding photos while traveling:

Set the intention

You first need to decide WHY you want these photos taken and what will you do with them? I listed 3 of my intentions above! Do you want to show off how you work while traveling, how you make time to relax, just want some fun photos in a new atmosphere to spruce up your feed, etc.? Remember that branding photos tell a story so decide what that story will be ahead of time.

Decide what photos you need 

This is important so that you don’t get in front of a camera and waste time still thinking of ideas haha! Do you want lifestyle photos of yourself in a new area, more landscape photos, flatlays with different textures or a variety all of the above? Make a quick list so you can stay on track and get back to enjoying your trip 🙂

Research the area

You know where you’ll be visiting but decide where exactly you want to shoot. A few examples include on a beach, in a fun coffee shop, in a shopping center, on the streets of a bustling city or somewhere really unique that still aligns with your brand.

Decide WHO will take the photos

You can hire local personal branding photographer, swap with a friend, give the camera to your spouse or set up a self-timer!

Make it fun

Your trip shouldn’t be ALL about a branding shoot! Prep first (using the above tips), carve out 30 minutes to an hour and get it done! And then put away the camera, explore the area and enjoy the overall trip. Let the shoot be the cherry on top of your travels!

Bonus tip: Don’t forget to take ‘behind the scenes’ of your shoot for some fun social media posts!

Tips for capturing branding photos while traveling | Angie McPherson Photography

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