Happy 4th Birthday Koa Avery!

Happy 4th Birthday Koa Avery

Screaming HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our sweet boy Koa!! He turns 4 today (despite looking like he’s 6, so tall lol)! He had a fun day spending time with family and visiting the Mariners’ Museum but even more fun will come when we head to Orlando for vacay this week! We love this silly, wild, spunky and loving ball of energy!

Every year, I take a photo of Koa holding the same number of balloons as his age! Here’s the comparison below, he looks so old at 4 haha!! It’s going to be so funny at age 18 when he’s consumed by balloons and is COMPLETELY over it 🙂

Happy Birthday, Koa!! Thank you for bringing so much indescribable joy into our lives!

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