5 Unusual Places I Get Work Done

5 Unusual Places I Get Work Done

Since having to balance being a wife, mom, and full-time entrepreneur, I’ve found that I often get my best work done in nontraditional places haha! I primarily work from home and my new shared office (The Creative Corner!) but when work builds up and deadlines approach, I have to fit in work where I can while maintaining a balance. So below I’ve listed a few of my favorite unusual workspaces! If you’re struggling to find time to work in a busy season, I hope this post encourages you to get creative with your potential work time so that you can FREE UP more personal time to spend with family and friends!

5 Unusual Places I Get Work Done


1. Under the dryer at the hair salon

THIS is surprisingly one of my favorite nontraditional places to get work done! After my hair is washed and rollers are in, I can expect to sit under the dryer for up to an HOUR. I used to play on my phone and mindlessly scroll through social media until I realized how much work I could get done in that timeframe! I usually schedule hair appointments on workdays (so I don’t take away from weekend family time) so I’m able to continue working within my work hours! I pop in my headphones, hop on the salon wi-fi and either edit, blog or answer emails on my laptop.

2. Waiting rooms

I don’t bring my laptop into the medical appointments BUT I can answer emails on my phone, engage in social media and actually schedule Instagram posts via Planoly (game-changing app)!

3. The gym

Okay, I haven’t done this since before Koa started preschool but I wanted to include it anyway! If I had limited childcare and a ton to edit, I would bring my laptop to the YMCA! You can leave your kids in the Child Watch for up to 2 hours and Koa loves it there! I used to workout and hit the shower in the first hour and then edit during the last hour.

4. The bed at 6am

Once again, when/if childcare is limited and Koa is home all day, I’ll knock out 2 hours of work before he wakes up at 8am. It’s such an amazing feeling to know I’ve tackled so much work by the start of the day and I can be 100% focused on Mommy-Koa time 🙂 This Spotify playlist is SO perfect for early mornings! Sometimes I’ll hop on Voxer and see if anyone else is up working early haha (someone usually is)!

5. Other people’s homes

LOL just seeing that header makes me laugh because it sounds so rude haha! I swear I only do this socially! Before I got an office space with Crystal and Christina, I used to work with Crystal at her house once a week with snacks and Netflix lol! Now we bring snacks and Netflix to the office haha!

Well, there’s my list of unusual but super productive places to work! I hope this list can help you in times of busyness so that you can still maintain a balance in life!

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