New Sample Wedding Album + Design Process

New Sample Wedding Album + Design Process

I have a new, beautifully designed sample wedding album sitting in my office right now and I love it! Instead of only uploading your photos to social media, you should print them, frame them and best of all.. showcase them in an album to pass down the generations! This is exactly why I offer albums! Shaun and I flip through our wedding album (with our sweet Koa) all the time to relive the day and laugh at how much fun we had. It’s such a keepsake and I can’t wait to look back at it 50 years later!

I love having the sample album from Ben & Katherine’s Woman’s Club of Portsmouth wedding for brides to look through in the office. Here are some of my favorite features about the albums I offer:

  • Genuine leather cover (plenty of color options)
  • Inset cover photo
  • Professionally designed to curate your wedding day
  • All images mounted flush to the page
  • No linen hinge


And here is how easy the album design process is:

  • I’ll design a first draft with highlights from your wedding day and send you a link to view the album virtually.
  • You can flip through and leave comments on each page if you want to swap out any images.
  • I will make the revisions and send you a link to the second draft.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to make any final revisions.
  • You approve, I order and deliver to you!


It’s that simple, really! Scroll through for a sneak peek into my sample album and a cute picture of Koa checking it out haha 🙂 If you’re, getting married and want to learn more about my wedding photography experience, click here!

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And here’s my sweet Koa going through the sample album in the office haha 🙂



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