4 Benefits of a Bridal Portrait Session | Tips for Brides

4 Benefits of a Bridal Portrait Session | Tips for Brides

4 Benefits of a Bridal Portrait Session | Angie McPherson Photography

Bridal portraits are one of my favorite sessions to shoot! Seeing my brides all dressed up, completely relaxed (because they aren’t on a wedding day schedule) and spending extra time with them makes me SO happy. If you’re getting married and are on the fence about having bridals taken before your wedding, today’s blog is for you!

Fort Monroe Bridal Portraits by Angie McPherson Photography

Here are 4 benefits of a Bridal Portrait Session:

1. It’s a trial run

You can use this opportunity to be photographed in your ‘wedding day look’ down to the hair and makeup! Choose your accessories and bouquet to accent your beautiful dress and see how everything comes together. You will still have time to make any changes prior to your big day if you so choose!

2. You’ll get comfortable in front of the camera and with your photographer

The bridal portrait session will be stress-free because you aren’t following a wedding day timeline. It’s all about YOU, boo. You’ll gain a stronger connection with your photographer and by the time the wedding day comes, you’ll be one with the camera 🙂

3. You’ll receive variety of portraits

Feel free to choose a location different from your engagement session and wedding day! This will give you a variety of portraits to display on your wedding day, in your home and prints to pass down the generations. You invested so much into your dress so capture yourself in wherever and however you want before you put it in your closet 🙂

4. It’s fun!
Remember, wedding planning should be fun! Other factors in wedding planning may start to stress you out but photography should be the exciting part! Bring a friend or family member to assist you with the dress and truly enjoy the moment. The next time you get this dolled up, you’ll be marrying your best friend!!

I hope this list helped you understand the benefits of a bridal session! If you want to chat about booking your bridal session or wedding, feel free to contact me!

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