10 Ways to Use Your Engagement Photos

10 Ways to Use Your Engagement Photos | For Brides

10 Ways to Use Your Engagement Photos | Angie McPherson Photography

I’ve blogged a few times about the importance of engagement sessions and tips for success, so today I want to share HOW you can use those photos! Putting them on social media is AWESOME but there are so many other ways to use your engagement photos! Read on for more uses!

10 Ways to Use Your Engagement Photos by Angie McPherson Photography

1. Prints

Let’s get the obvious use out of the way first! Decorate your home, office, parent’s home and more with beautifully framed prints from your engagement session!

2. Canvases

Gallery wrapped canvases are my JAM, ya’ll. You can get them in all different sizes and they look beautiful on your walls!

3. Save the Dates

Engagement photos + stationery = a match made in heaven haha! I love when my brides send me save the dates and I get to see which images from their session really made an impact on them! Instead of just telling your guests when your wedding is, SHOW them how in love and excited you are by adding a few recent images!

10 Ways to Use Your Engagement Photos by Angie McPherson Photography

4. Wedding Website

Wedding websites are so fun to peruse through. You can share your love story, wedding details and upload photo albums all in one place. It’s a hub for all things wedding and your guests will love looking through your engagement photos!

5. Guest Books

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this for my wedding 6 years ago! So many of my brides have a guest book at the reception FULL of engagement photos and guests can sign different pages of the book. What a keepsake for the couple!

6. Autograph Picture Mat

Speaking of having things for guests to sign at your reception, an autograph picture mat is a great idea! Choose your favorite engagement image to display in the frame and guests can write a quick congratulatory message. You can swap the photo out for a wedding picture once you display it at home!

10 Ways to Use Your Engagement Photos by Angie McPherson Photography

7. Personalized Wedding Favors

Wine bottles with customized picture labels, decorated cookies, I’ve seen so many fun options!

8. Wedding Decor

You can use pictures in your seating chart, on the reception tables or just display a canvas or large print at the entrance! The opportunities are endless!

9. Holiday Cards

If you’re engaged over the holidays, you can design cheap holiday cards to mail out!

10. Social media

And the most obvious is social media! Upload an album, share in your private Facebook group for your wedding guests (this is getting so popular!) and create an Instagram hashtag for your wedding!

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