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Why Voxer is My #1 Used App

Why Voxer is my #1 Most Used AppWhy Voxer is My #1 Used App

Why Voxer is My #1 Used App

Today I’m letting you in on a secret. A sacred part of my life, if you will. There is an app on my phone that I used the MOST and it is not Instagram, Facebook, Text or Gmail (shocker)! Friends, my number 1 used app is Voxer. I didn’t know how UNpopular Voxer was until I started bringing it up to friends and they asked, “What is that?! Is that some new social media app I should be on?”

Well let me give you a brief description from Voxer’s website:

“Voxer makes it simple for friends, family and colleagues to talk from anywhere in the world, whenever it’s convenient. Communicate in the fastest, and most efficient manner there is – instant voice.”

Here’s a brief description in my own words:

“A walk-talkie app that allows for quick and convenient communication. Basically, the greatest app for entrepreneurs, parents, busy people, TV junkies and pretty much anyone who has a voice.”

I’ve used the app for almost 2 years and it’s honestly my favorite way to connect with people virtually. Sometimes I have so much to say and it’s better to voice my thoughts to someone instead of texting that person! My girls and I check in every day, swap ideas, provide support, motivation, reassurance and hilarity. You can talk 1:1 with someone and you can also talk in group chats. From huge life and business ideas being spoken into existence (like quitting my full-time job) to meltdowns over potty training and sharing thoughts on who Rachel sent home on The Bachelorette… nothing is off limits. This method of communication has brought me so much closer to the girls I chat with, more than any social media app has ever done. I’m constantly inspired and always feel like someone is by my side on workdays.

Why is Voxer my #1 used app? Let me count the ways…

  • Ability to conveniently talk things out! Instead of texting a long message or sitting on a phone call, I am able to listen at my leisure and respond when I can. No pressure!
  • I can text in the app if I’m able to listen but not able to Vox back (like when I have my headphones in at a doctor’s office). I can also send GIFs so you KNOW I use that feature a lot LOL!
  • Group chats are funnnnn. I love catching up on missed messages from friends chatting back and forth on my way home from a late-ending wedding. Sounds like they are in the car with me shooting the breeze!
  • The one thing I miss about working a corporate is job is having co-workers to bounce ideas off of and gossip with. When I see I have a 5 minute Vox from someone, I KNOW it’s a good one haha!
  • Accountability! Everyone morning, I check in with Liz about what’s on our agenda today. Whether we have editing, pre-blogging or planning a workshop on our to-do list, we have said it out loud so the motivation to get it done is there! Sometimes days get away from us and it’s nice to hear the other person say, “That’s okay! You rocked it today. You’ll tackle it tomorrow.”
  • Chatting during commercials during live TV like The Walking Dead or The Bachelorette with Crystal. So fun!
  • Motivation to eat healthy and get my butt to the gym.
  • Ability to ask my momma-friends for insight into new and fun (or not-so-fun) things Koa is doing!
  • The hilarity that ensues when my husband listens to me in the middle of a Vox conversation. He calls us ‘The Real Housewives of Photography” HAHAHAHAHA!


I could list a ton of reasons why I love Voxer but you get the gist! You should definitely give it a try! I’ve had people call me or want to text while Koa is running wild or I’m out with Shaun and I have literally responded with, “Can you just Vox me and I’ll respond later?” LOL! I can laugh at myself but it has honestly been a life saver. Download it and let me know your thoughts, friends! Xoxo!

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