5 Podcasts for Wedding Pros | My faves and why I love them!

5 Podcasts for Wedding Pros

A roundup of 5 podcasts for wedding pros including The Goal Digger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher, She Creates Business, Creative Empire and more!

Podcasts are my JAM and it’s no secret that launching my own is in my 3 year plan! I shared my love for them last year when I listed my top 8 podcasts for entrepreneurs and loved hearing how many other friends listened to the same ones! Today I’ve decided to share a niche’d down list of 5 podcasts for wedding pros! I believe in continuous learning and I can talk business ALL day. When I listen to the podcasts below, I feel like I’m having conversations with the hosts! They talk about marketing (my fave topic),  productivity, mindset, serving your clients… you name it! Podcasts are so easy to digest for the busy wedding pro. I listen in the car, at the gym, on a walk or while I’m cooking dinner. If you’re in the wedding industry and yearn for this type of convenient (and free!) education, read my list of faves below!

5 Podcasts for Wedding Pros compiled by Angie McPherson Photography

The Goal Digger Podcast

Host: Jenna Kutcher

Jenna has formatted her podcast in to a ‘live-workshop’ style and no topic is off limits. She shares her heart so openly and listening to her just sounds like I’m chatting with one of the girls! She interviews other creative #bossladies and even does on-air coaching!

Favorite Episodes:

#1: Authentic Social Media Marketing

#8: Mastering Productivity as an Entrepreneur with Kristy Dickerson

#10: Goal Setting for People who Hate Goal Setting with Laura Casey

The Evolve Your Wedding Business Podcast

Host: Heidi Thompson

Heidi is a marketing geek like me so I LOVE listening to her! She talks about growing your business, social media, SEO and brings in a ton of experts to share their knowledge!

Favorite Episodes:

#22: SEO for Wedding Professionals

#86: Turning your Wedding Business Goals into Action Plans

She Creates Business

Host: Kinsey Roberts

This podcast has a wealth of content from goal setting, quitting your full-time job, choosing a conference/retreat and more! And I have to say that Kinsey’s voice is sooooo comforting and reassuring! She has definitely found her calling!

Favorite Episode:

#21: Repurposing Content in your Wedding Business

#26: Being a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur in the Wedding Industry

Creative Empire Podcast

Hosts: Reina Pomeroy & Christina Scalera

I love how these two engage in such casual conversation but each episode is so information-packed! They both bring a ton of insight I can resonate with and choose great people to interview!

Favorite Episodes:

#50: Giving Back with your Business

#57: Productivity Mistakes You’re Making and How to Overcome Them with Natalie Franke Hayes

Being Boss

Hosts: Emily Thompson & Kathleen Shannon

These ladies have no filter and I love it haha! They focus on “boss” mindsets, habits, tactics and strategies blended with a bit of hustle. They have a retreat with listeners every year and I’d love to attend one day!

Favorite Episodes:

#92: Jasmine Star on Authenticity and Haters

#102: Defining Success

Well those are a few of my faves! It’s on my business bucket list to launch my own someday but until then, you can connect deeper with me via my email community for wedding pros! Click below to join and you’ll get a free list of 50 Marketing Strategies for Wedding Pros, workshop announcements and weekly marketing tips delivered to your inbox!

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  1. These are great podcast ideas! Thank you for sharing! I already listen to and LOVE the Goal Digger podcast, can’t wait to explore the others.

  2. Steph says:

    Great post! I love podcasts, Being Boss is probably my favorite! Haven’t heard a few of these, but saving this to check out later. I really like that you included some favorite episodes! Thanks for sharing <3

  3. Thanks so much for including me in your list Angie! I’m humbled to be alongside so many amazing ladies!

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