A Wedding Photography Glossary for Brides

A Wedding Photography Glossary for Brides

Today’s blog is another installment of my For Brides series! If you entered a room with a ton of wedding photographers, you’d hear the terms below thrown around constantly. I wanted to share what these phrases mean to anyone who might be confused! And FYI- this isn’t an all-encompassing list of wedding photography phrases and the definitions aren’t from Webster’s Dictionary haha! These are phrases I use on the blog and in emails and the definitions are total ‘Angie Speak’. Here we go!

Engagement Session

Too easy! Most everyone knows what an engagement session is but if you’re living under a rock (and that’s fine!), engagement portraits are taken after the proposal and before the wedding. It’s a time to capture your excitement to be married, get dressed up and enjoy each other’s company. Added benefits of an engagement session include getting comfortable in front of the camera and with your wedding photographer. Getting to know my clients during the engagement session and before the wedding is a must so I include these in my wedding package complimentary! So here are 7 tips for a successful engagement session!

Angie McPherson Photography Newport News CNU Engagement Photos 1560

Golden Hour

“What time should we take our engagement portraits?” is a question you might be wondering! I shoot portraits during the Golden Hour which is the hour or so before sunset. This timeframe gives the most even, flattering and golden light! No squinty faces!

Bridal Portraits

This is an option that I’m finding more brides are interested in. The bride will schedule a session weeks before the wedding so she can be photographed in her gorgeous dress with hair and makeup done! Many brides will display these images at the wedding or simply use it as a trial run 🙂

Fort Monroe Bridal Portraits by Angie McPherson PhotographyCoverage Time

A standard wedding photography package in this area is 8 hours which includes your ‘getting ready’ photos through the reception. I’ve had a few brides reserve additional time because they planned a longer reception and an awesome exit and that’s great! I love that couples want their entire wedding documented 🙂

Second Shooter

“Do I really need a second photographer?” I’ve definitely had that question asked before and this will always be my answer:


YES! Haha! Having a second photographer means more coverage, more angles, more moments captured and an enhanced experience. I love my second shooters and what they bring to the table!

First Look

Many couples choose to see each other, alone (with the exception of their photographer!), before the ceremony. This gives them a chance to have some peace and quiet together before the day takes off, gives them extra portrait time and reduces stress. I love when my clients choose to do a First Look but I absolutely do not pressure them to make this decision. It’s totally up to the couple! 🙂

Wedding Day Questionnaire

I go into detail about the questionnaire in this blog post!

Online Gallery & Digital Download

You’ll receive your full gallery online so you can share with family & friends, download high-resolution images and order prints!

Angie McPherson Photography Angie McPherson Photography

High-resolution images/Digital files

Speaking of high-resolution images, please know these are professionally edited by your photographer to match their style and give an accurate reflection of your special day. These are not the RAW files. You do not want the RAW files. I repeat, you do not want the RAW files. Reason #1, RAW files are over 25MB per image. Reason #2, see the first line of this paragraph LOL. One more time all together now, you do not want the RAW files 🙂 

Wedding Album

I love a beautiful wedding album! It’s the perfect way to truly display your wedding images for DECADES! Social media won’t be the same in 50 years when your grandchildren want to see your wedding photos so why not have them beautifully displayed in tangible form? A professionally bound album will last for decades is the perfect addition to your coffee table.

These are just a few phrases you’ll hear in the wedding photography world! For more wedding planning posts, feel free to browse through the For Brides category!



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