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The Importance of the Wedding Day Questionnaire

In addition to the timeline, the Wedding Day Questionnaire is essential to a wedding photographer! I couldn’t imagine showing up to a wedding not knowing what’s going on! I send the online questionnaire to my brides 60 days before the wedding and hope (and pray) to have it back 30 days before the wedding. Basically, I want to know all of your details surrounding the big day! I go over it in detail and send to my second shooter in advance so we approach the day with full confidence and excitement! I won’t bore you by listing every question I ask but I will give you some insight on the main principles!

Getting Ready Location

I capture the bride and the girls (along with her details) and my second shooter captures the guys. I kindly remind the bride that the best getting ready photos are in a room with little to no clutter and tons of natural light! I loved Emily’s getting ready location! Don’t fret though if your location gets messy from makeup, accessories, clothes, etc. We can move things around 🙂

First Look

Are you two seeing each other before the ceremony? If not, no pressure! I just need to know so I can find a hidden spot where the two of you can enjoy a quiet moment alone before you say ‘I do’. Love the way Jason twirled Jennie 🙂

Portrait Groupings & Timing

Do you want to shoot portraits before or after the ceremony? There are so many options! Shooting bridesmaids & groomsmen beforehand saves you a ton of time after the ceremony for bride & groom portraits! Also, I always ask my brides to send me their groupings for family portraits and list any special circumstances I should be aware of so I won’t make it awkward (i.e- divorces).

We shot all of Claire’s bridesmaids photos before her ceremony and even had time for her to get individuals with each bridesmaid! My second shooter was able to capture the groomsmen beforehand as well. After the ceremony, we shot family portraits, full bridal party portraits and ended with bride & groom. You’ll be seeing the beautiful gal on the left (Blair) on the blog soon because I’m shooting her wedding next year!

Any variation can work depending on your schedule! My second shooter shot Kenny’s groomsmen portraits before the ceremony and I shot their family, bridesmaids, full bridal party (below) and bride & groom portraits after.

Shooting portraits before the ceremony isn’t a must! We shot all of Brandi & Tripp’s portraits right after the ceremony.

Desired portrait location (besides ceremony and/or reception site)

We generally shoot your portraits around the ceremony or reception cite but knowing other desired locations in advance helps me factor in additional time. Sometimes I get hilarious answers from my brides like when Paula wrote, “The bridge! If I try to push him off of it, please do not stop me.”

She didn’t push him off haha! 

Special items, events & wedding colors

Brides put so much heart  & soul into their wedding day and I don’t want to miss anything deemed extraordinary and special! I also know they’ve thought long & hard about which wedding colors to choose so I’ll be sure to find the connecting elements to display the day beautifully in the blog, online gallery and wedding album!

Emily’s colors were grey and blush and she sewed her Grandmother’s cameo onto her bouquet!

Lisa’s first dance with her Dad was choreographed and it was AMAZING! Their moves took them all over the dance floor and my second shooter and I were totally prepared!

Angie McPherson Photography Bride Gift Paula_0003


Now ya’ll know I love my fellow local vendors! They’ve worked so hard to make your day special so I love to credit them in the blog post and send them images for their portfolio.

Angie McPherson Photography The Wedding Day Questionnaire_0016


Sparklers? Bubbles? Flowers? Hot air balloon? That last one wishful thinking haha! But yes, please let me know in advance because I’m sure it will be as epic as Jennie & Jason’s!

Other important questions I ask include ceremony restrictions, additional day of contact (other than bride & groom) and any final comments/questions/concerns. I promise that taking the time to complete the Wedding Day Questionnaire in detail will be SOOOOO worth it! A prepared photographer captures amazing images and I only want the best for you on your special day!

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  1. Maria says:

    It’s SO important to get all that information ahead of time! This makes me think I want to go back and rework mine a little bit 🙂

  2. I love this post! I often feel really bad for asking for all this information prior to the wedding. But it really is THAT helpful! Very informative.

  3. Miranda says:

    This is spot on, As wedding planners we encourage our brides at our meeting to bring the questions so we can help remind them of certain thing we discussed and to make sure a Photographer captures their memories

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