Koa Avery 1 Month Update | Personal - Angie McPherson Photography

Koa Avery 1 Month Update | Personal

Introducing the newest member of the McPherson Family and Angie McPherson Photography 🙂

Koa Avery McPherson
August 14, 2014
8lb 6oz
20 inches long

A HUGE thank you to Callie Hardman Photography for taking Koa’s newborn photos when he was 1 week old! She is absolutely amazing with babies and has such a sweet soul. Can’t wait to order canvases for his nursery!

What a ride so far! I’m going to preface this by saying that I’m typing this one handed (holding a baby + blogging = multitasking momma). Koa arrived two weeks early and we were totally unprepared haha! I planned to finish all baby laundry, install the car seat, get last minute necessities, etc. over the weekend that was coming up. All of that went out the window when my water broke on Thursday, August 14 at 9am.. just 30 minutes after I arrived to my full-time job! I thank God for my assistant rushing me to the hospital LOL! Eight+ ours later, Koa Avery made his debut and changed our lives forever.

You may be wondering where we got the name Koa. Koa means ‘warrior’ in Hawaiian (also- brave, bold, fearless). My husband is half Hawaiian and we’ve had the name picked out ever since we vacationed to Waikiki in 2012 and saw the name everywhere. The one thing I wanted during labor/childbirth (well, other than the epidural lol) was to have the Hawaiian version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwoʻole playing as Koa entered the world. It’s an important piece of our love story not to mention it’s such a beautiful and calming song. Shaun played it on his iPhone and all I could do was sing while pushing (and all the doctor & nurses could do was laugh hahaha)! I officially cannot listen to that song without ugly crying now. Whoops! Give it a listen below if you haven’t heard it!

I can’t believe Koa is already 1 month old! We are so smitten with him. I plan on posting monthly updates to this little blog of mine to for family & friends. In the midst of wedding & portrait blog posts, I hope you enjoy his frequent appearances and a peak into our personal lives 🙂

McPherson Photography Koa Avery 1 MONTH_0002

Koa, some little details I want to remember about you at 1 month old…

– You look JUST like your daddy 🙂
– You have the cutest smile I’ve ever seen paired with the sweetest little dimple! You are also starting to laugh and it cracks us up.
– You LOVE to kick and punch! Now I see exactly what you were doing in my belly those last few months.
– You love to be held. You stop crying as soon as we pick you up and you start to cry when we put you back down. Ha!
– You totally have your days & nights mixed up. You are alert and ready to party from 2am-5am.
-We think your physical appearance changes daily. You look totally different from the first day you were born!
– You are so loved by so many. Our family & friends can’t get enough of you. I am so happy they aren’t tired of me sending them daily pictures/videos of you!
– You are our greatest gift and have brought so much joy in our lives into just one month.  We pray for you daily and love you so unconditionally.

Here are some photos from Koa’s first month!
McPherson Photography Koa Newborn_0005

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