What Your Photographer is Really Thinking on Your Wedding Day...in GIFs

What Your Photographer is Really Thinking on Your Wedding Day

Happy friends! I love the above behind the scenes picture from Chelsea & Jaine’s Founder’s Inn Wedding! These two are SO sweet, the venue was amazing and my second shooter was such a fun time… all the things that make up a great wedding day!

That being said, I want to express what is really going through my mind on a wedding day. No, I’m not going to talk about my thought process for taking pictures or why I choose certain lenses (I’ll save that for another blog)! These are visual aids that will show you my mindset at certain points of the day. And if you’ve been a blog reader for a while, you know I love GIFs and how they speak louder than words haha!

On the way to a wedding… I. AM. PUMPED. My music is blasting and if my second shooter is riding with me, we’re even more hype!

I arrive at the bridal suite and greet the gorgeous bride and her bridesmaids. I start the day by photographing the details (jewelry, invitations, dress, etc.) in a private area. I always hear the ladies having a good time in the other room and think WAIT!! Save that laughter just 15 more minutes when I’m ready for getting ready shots!! Haha!

After the getting ready shots are done, I scope out the ceremony and decide on angles with my second shooter. The guests start filling in and so do the massive iPads. The officiant makes an announcement, “The bride and groom have decided to have an unplugged ceremony. Please refrain from taking pictures and enjoy the moment.” YASSSSS! Thank you!

The bride comes down the aisle and the groom starts crying. Money shot!!

The ceremony is done and family portraits are up. I have the list the bride sent me and we are flying through parents, grandparents, siblings, etc. I’m literally checking off the groupings and sending the family inside for cocktail hour. I say a final, “Is that everyone?” to my second shooter and she nods yes. Phew.

Bridal party portraits are next (if they weren’t done before the ceremony) and finally, the bride and groom portraits. I LOVE when the bride and groom are just so happy and in love and nuzzle with such ease! We find great locations and they are nailing every pose. I get a little emotional that I get to take their first portraits as husband and wife.

A bridesmaid or groomsmen comes by with a beverage for the couple. Thank you, kind friend.

Reception time! I love first dances and Father/Daughter dance but the REAL tear-jerker for me is the Mother/Son dance. I’m thinking about Koa and having to dance with him at his wedding 20+ years from now and it gives me all the feels.

Dances are done, the couple and the guests sit down to eat. My second shooter and I slip into a nearby area to stuff our faces after being on our feet for 6 hours.

Don’t get too comfortable! Time for toasts. It never fails that someone gives a totally inappropriate speech and I love it.

Music has started and this is the moment my second shooter spot each other across the room and realize the DJ is going to be AMAZING.

BUT we have to keep it professional! I have to literally restrain myself from jamming out but in my mind, I’m doing this:

When everyone is on the dance floor, it’s the perfect time to approach the DJ…

I love capturing reception dancing and I’m always looking for the most uncommon pairing. There’s always a few and it’s an absolute hoot! Get it, Grandma!

This is usually the look my second and I are giving each other when we see that pairing.

At the end of the night, I give my couples a huge hug. It’s been quite a journey! From the booking to the engagement session, to the countless back and forth emails to their wedding day. I’m so blessed to serve such amazing people and continue following their marital journey.


I make the trek home and after greeting my husband, checking on a sleeping Koa, uploading the images, choosing and editing a sneak peek… this is me.

Phew! I hope this gives you some insight into what we’re really thinking throughout the day! I wouldn’t trade this job for the world!!

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