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Since having to balance being a wife, mom, and full-time entrepreneur, I’ve found that I often get my best work done in nontraditional places haha! I primarily work from home and my new shared office (The Creative Corner!) but when work builds up and deadlines approach, I have to fit in work where I can […]

Exactly one year ago, I traveled with two of my photog besties to California for the GoLive Workshop! The main goal of the workshop was to build, design and launch a new website in just TWO days. It was by far the best investment of my career and I still love my new website! While […]

Today I’m letting you in on a secret. A sacred part of my life, if you will. There is an app on my phone that I used the MOST and it is not Instagram, Facebook, Text or Gmail (shocker)! Friends, my number 1 used app is Voxer. I didn’t know how UNpopular Voxer was until […]

So this is a blog I never envisioned myself writing! I received an email last week and I had to re-read it a few times because the sender said her name was ANGIE MCPHERSON. Say what?! My iPhone took too long to load the message so in that 5 seconds I thought 1) Okay this […]

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